Our Products

Shiny boxes are great. Real solutions are better.

At Rollercoaster Digital our products are about the people who use them. The problems they solve and the new things they let people do are at their core.

Our aim is to make products that make people smile when they use them, that help them be more creative and let them concentrate on the things they love, whatever they might be.


Your partner in rapid innovation.

RcD.tech gives you the benefit of an experienced, dynamic team, providing real resources to help you build real solutions.

We work with you to grow the capability of your project – filling the gaps you have, not adding people and process that slows you down.

To find out how we can make your project happen now visit rcd.tech


Hive brings more to your out-of-home advertising.   More activity, more targeting, more revenue. Make the most of the advertising space you have by controlling when and where content is displayed.

Customisable options mean flexibility and better return on investment. Being able to narrow the location for any ad means access to a wider client base.

Whether large or small, now every advertiser can be outdoors.


With the explosion of social media it’s becoming increasingly challenging to connect with people. With so many platforms available, becoming connected on all the places you can be makes meeting people a bigger task than it needs to be.

Jaja brings your address books, contact lists and social media together in one single, flexible place. In one action, you can share your details with a contact and be connected – instantly.

Jaja – Keeping you connected.